About The Designer

Chantrese Janae is a high vibrational spiritual led entrepreneur. Cr8tive Genes is inspired by my creative lineage. My mother is a phenomenal artist, I grew up going to lots of community based events, festivals, and art shows. As I grew older, shortly after high school. I decided that it's the perfect time to create something to share with the world, creative healing peaces that come from my heart/ creative space. I truly believe this is gift that has been encoded within my genetics to share with the cosmos and yes that includes you. My mission is to inspire and help those heal from whatever it is that could be causing a hindrance in their life. I use healing stones/crystals as a healing tool with my pieces. Healed people, heal people. That is what I'm going to do. I'm truly appreciative of all the support I've received throughout the years. Blessings from the universe, and I am eternally grateful to share a piece of my purpose with you all! Love & Light !
I thrive off the support of the people and my community, Thank You So Much For Your Boundless Support & Patronage!